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Can we add a bigger power adapter to a UPS?

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I have visited a friend's office and noticed something.

They have one UPS on which they have added power adapter to fit more things on it. So they got a 5 hole power cable adapter outlet, cut out the power point and adjasted on it a point that fits the ups with tape.

Now on this they hooked up the router, some printers etc and 2 PCs.


My opinion is to use the UPS just for the PCs, and just get APC surge protect outlets for the printers. Isn't this the way to go? Or is it having such setup with multiple outlets on a UPS by the use of multiple power outlets.


I would use an APC Surgeprottect outlet, and on that add the UPS which will have the PCs only connected to it, and all the rest like printers and router on another surge protected outlet.





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Printers do not have to be on UPS! Surge protected maybe, but they don't need to be on the UPS.


Computers and router need to be on UPS. You must check the load, do not overload a UPS or else it will just serve as a fancy power adapter when the power goes off. Oh yes, make sure your routers and switches are on UPS too!

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