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2015 winners at The Game Awards

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No surprises here. Not really.




CD Projekt Red won the Developer of the Year and thoroughly deserved it. IMO they are the only developer making top quality games that are actually finished when they come out. So happy they won.


And then the cherry on to was The Witcher 3 wining game of the year, as well as best RPG. Once again, thoroughly deserved.


​Rocket League won best indi game. I could have gone either way between RL and Ori and the Blind Forrest. Ori won best are direction, though. I'm glad it won something. It's a amazingly beautiful 2D.


Everything else is in the link. I feel most of it is spot on, with the exception of Splatoon for best multiplayer. I think RL had a far better multiplayer.


As you could guess, going by my rants in other threads about FO4, I am fucking ecstatic that Bethesda won fuck all. Also thoroughly deserved.

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