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Monitor power in a black out.

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One particular monitor, my oldest one of the four, I just noticed had its power light glowing and the screen back light on and a small number of single pixel width coloured lines running down the screen at random intervals.

Everything else was off.

When I say everything was off, I'm not really exaggerating. The house has had no power for over 2 hours. I've been walking around with a candle in hand.



The power button was unresponsive. It would not turn off.

So I started unplugging things with batteries. A couple wireless headsets plugged in for charging and a cordless phone in its cradle. I turned off the PC at the PSU.

Unplugging the monitor from the power board got it off.

Power is restored now so I can't experiment further.

I guess I can unplug the power board Don the wall, but the monitor didn't turn back on after plugging it back into the board before the power came back so I assume I can't play further.

There are some CB walkie talkies on chargers that I forgot about. They may be on the same board and feeding enough power back into the power board to light up the screen. I'm in bed now and unmotivated to go check.

It was a strange occurrence though.


Bah, now I have to get up and stop the clock from flashing the wrong time at me.

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Could be that... also I believe that often the plug/play logic can source power from HDMI or DVI which allows the monitor to be detected by the computer without you needing to turn it on.

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you probably had a brown out not a total power out

so there was still power just at lower voltage or possibly only one line instead of both were operating


i have had all the lights go out but pc was able to keep operating once

other times you will see the lights just barely glowing

i guess you had a bit less than this


half power like that can be deadly to electric motors like those in ac\fridge\freezer

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