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GW2 Heart of Thorns followup

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Heart of Thorns for Guild Wars 2 was its First major expansion.


It changed the Game virtually overnight upon deployment of this expansion they tried what every other MMO tried to go from Casual to Hardcore and its failing miserably.


The new maps are Verdant Brink ,Auric Basin ,Tangled depths and Dragons Stand. Of course Tangled Depths is the largest map and the hardest to move around. Dragons Stand is the Final map and can only be explored when the Map Event starts.


The game today even after much patching and such still feels like its in Beta ,most Adventures ( solo play instances ) still not working as intended. Still no responses from Devs on when they will be fixed ,in fact its so quiet on the devs side its deafening.


The 32bit client is struggling with constant crashes as new maps require more than the basic 4gig mem to play ,so a 64bit client was made available yet it still crashes in some areas. Some claim its smoother but crashes in Map events more frequently. They lowered the amount of resources needed for 32bit client and for me it seems rock solid. The only issue is the cache's are now somewhat larger on the new maps. Going from Lions Arch ( Capital ) to new Hot map and back it takes a while for objects to be drawn on the screen. Seems like regardless of GPU from mine GTX260 to the GTX 980's it still the same from reading the ANET forums.


One map Tangled Depths is so large it takes up the space of 3 maps ,and so hard to move as you encounter mobs all linked its impossible to explore and say i enjoyed this map. Even the Map Event take 2 hours to set up by doing pre events and can be failed so easily in the first 8 minutes of the Actual Map Event that players refuse to step foot on this map.


After two months the Game is actually starting to feel like players have had enough ,and now walking away. With competition like Fallout 4 and Battlefront i can understand why the desertion from GW2 game.


Why turn a game from casual play to Hardcore overnight and say nothing. As the Chief Programmer mentioned 3 days before game release that points to get Elite Specialisation will have to be earned now. Which was disappointing ,why not mention this when game expansion was being promoted.



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