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take the red pill

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didn't work for me


so now i just leave it on auto until i get keen to start screwing it up again

Ye I had issues getting to to work initially, but these where pebkac errors.

First problem was not clicking the rather small apply button to apply the profile.




Second issue for another game was using the game launcher as the target. I had to change this to the actual game executable

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Crimson has been a steaming heap of shit for me, had the usual glitches everyone was having on my card (Fallout 4 compass being corrupted etc) but on the latest release, they've fixed that. Except now my framerate has taken a massive dive and there's next to no heat coming out of my radiators. Looks like I've got the downclocking bug, which is shit because it's the first Windows 10 Radeon driver I've seen that'll actually let me play Elite: Dangerous without it dropping to 8FPS when supercruising

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