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Finished TOMB RAIDER a week before the new one

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What can I say?


I HATED, and i mean HATED tomb raider on playstation, was HORRIBLE.


So when i got my free copy of TombRaider with my new GPU i thought very little of it.

Then I played it.


Holy CRAP is this game GOOD! If I had to give it ant major faults:

1. its that the weapon system could have used a bit more 'restriction' (that is to say, personalisation) so you cant just max everything out buy half way through the game.

2. The difficulty curve is needlessly erratic.

3. If you're point blank with my muzzle, my shotgun shouldnt go through you. It should eat your fucking face.


Other than this, the exploring element is fun, the gameplay is great, the stealth tactics actually work, and things like climbing and swinging are intiuitive and forgiving.


I konw its a 2013 title, but with only one week until the sequel comes out, I thought I'd write my little rant about just finishing it.

Good game, A- overall, would replay.



Anyone else hanging for the sequel?

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I only just finished the first one too. I loved it although it felt a little too linear even when it tried to give you the illusion it wasn't.


Been excitedly playing the next one on Xbone for the past week but I've been taking it slowly to savour it, also not enough time due to work :P


It's better all round so you should love it

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