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Any shell scripters in the house?

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I have a collection of files which was (naively) assumed never to need more than a certain number of samples per category. Naturally, this has exploded in a cataclysm of filename collisions.


Rather than tediously renaming all these things by hand, I'd like to be able to do something like:

ren *##.* *_000##.*
Where * is any sequence of characters, and # is a digit. Still going to explode one day, but it's 1000 times as far away - by which time I'll be dead and it's SEP. ;)


Naturally, CMD does not have any such ability - it can't discriminate between alphas and numerics, nor will it allow me to be quite so cavalier about mixing pre- and post-fix substitutions. I thought about using PowerShell to do it, but I can't make head or tail of the abortion MS calls documentation.


Anyone got any clues for me? Please?

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IrfanView (image viewer) has a batch rename facility, no idea if it'll cater for your needs or if in fact it will process non-image filenames. I suspect AcdSee might also have one.


But yeah, aside from that my next suggestion would have been something like PowerShell, Perl or similar.

Actually, in modern Windows versions there's a little trick that lets you do it from an Explorer window. It mightn't suit your needs straight up but could serve as an intermediate step, then use a CMD window to further tailor the results.



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Have it; inapplicable (they are images ;) and unfortunately it won't do what I want.

Don't have it, but I'll give it a look.


The Explorer trick I know, and that won't touch it either, sorry.



PowerShell, Perl or similar.

/nod. Figures. Next stop: using pattern-matching is PS. Seriously, what monkey did they get to write those pages? Accurate, yes - useful, no.

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