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New Master of Orion

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Really interesting reboot of the series.


It's slimmed down massively from the cluster fuck of MOO3.


UI is clean, clear and understandable.

Space battles, while real time, have pausing (default space key). The mechanics for various weapons are interesting.


It's very much in early access/beta. There's lots of techs etc still to go in. There's still weapons where the profile pop-up is an id error, etc because the descriptions aren't written. There's only 6 races so far.

But the polish is amazing. There's a lot of voice acting (

) which is really high quality, and for me that adds a lot to the immersion in the game. This is obviously more than an attempt to cash in, Wargaming.net have been very clear that it's a project of passion for them, and it's clear that NGD are pretty invested in making it a great game.


If you pre-order, you'll get an exclusive (?? or DLC) race, but it's not a big deal. It's basically just a variant of humans, who have been dispossessed. Game will come out of early access in March (at the moment), and it's looking like they will hit that. At the moment they are working on completing multiplayer, and the AI. You can only play single player at the moment.


I'm a pretty big MOO fan (without being a purist), and for me this is a game that I'm really enjoying, even if the AI is a little on the easy side right now.


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It's on GOG.com as well - 5% off (not much, iow).


I'm really not interested yet, since tech trees are my thing, but it's on my list for sure.

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Really glad to hear they're having another crack at this, I will be on board for sure! I spent hours/days/months playing MOO2, then when MOO3 came out it kinda lost me in it's complexity.

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