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new monitor help! 4k or Ultrawide?

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Hey guys, not really good with forums.

As the title states can I please have some help! For the first time I actually want to spend quite a bit of money on a monitor, I have a budget of $1200. I have been reading up a lot about monitors, I'm looking at which to buy and It is too much to take in. At first I was contemplating 4k although after hours spent on the Youtubes I'm considering a 34" Ultra wide screen 3440x1440 curved monitor. I am currently using an Asus 27" 3D 120hz VG278H.

These are currently the models I have been looking at:

Phillips BDM4065UC 40" 4k Monitor - $1099 @ PCCASEGEAR

LG 34UC87C 34" Curved Ultra wide IPS Monitor - $1169 @ PCCASEGEAR

Samsung S34E790C 34" Ultra Wide Curved LED Monitor - $1165 @ PCCASEGEAR

I will primarily be playing games. I'm not a professional gamer, I play games as an escape and a way to detox and relax so immersion is a big deal for me.


Core i7-2600 - 3.4ghz

16GB DDR3 1333Mhz

Nvidia GTX 660 TI SuperClocked (Will be upgrading to either a 980 or a 980ti later in the year)

Any suggestions on a good ultra wide monitor for my budget? or should I go with a 4k?

Thanks heaps in advanced!


P.S: No stores in my area have any on display so I'm only going by what I see online

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Are you gaming with it? I was impressed by ultrawide when I first saw it, then I bought one and found out how few games supported it and was disappointed. That being said, I only got the 29, so the 34 would be good for almost everything as it will be big enough.


There are some apps that will push the games out to UWS but they're very unreliable and in the end you still miss gaming real estate. Hopefully when most games start supporting it natively it will be great, but until then it's a gimmick in my opinion. Great for movies though.

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I would get the ultrawide if I'm sitting closer and the 40" 4K if I'm sitting further.

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