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samsung galaxy 4 wifi

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mr 13 is pissing through the data on his g4, and it seems impossible to select for wifi data only, whist leaving the credit for only necessary phone calls


the interface shows smart network switch, but despite the home network being saved and secured (and "very strong") - nada !


i would like mobile data disabled and wifi the default - if he isn't on a wifi network, data can cease to happen


i suspect it needs a reset, but he is horriied to lose the settings (which i can doubtless backup to google if i want to use a year of mobile data plan)


any suggestions ?

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The usual norm is you get it as one of the pulldown controls (ie swipe from top down to get status, notifications etc). But that can vary among phones. Some even allow configuring which buttons appear. Current on mine has Wifi, mobile data, sound mode, rotate-lock, GPS.


Also, many phones will have pre-installed widgets which you can select to drop on the desktop. One such widget replicates what I just mentioned, the one I have shows wifi, BT, GPS, rotate-lock, brightness.


Possibly you could hit up Google Play and grab a widget if yours doesn't have one.

Alternate to that, the mobile data setting is usually also buried within the settings menu.

On mine it is in Settings -> Mobile networks -> Data enabled [check box]


Samsung do have the habit of deviating sometimes more than usual from the reference methods but it should be available somewhere. Although it is often the case that carrier customisations and bloatware will remove it or put it into some obscure corner.



Example of a data enabler widget. Probably better ones around though.

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just turn off "Mobile Data" and you'll only be able to use WiFi.

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It's handy to have the quick switch though... especially given that MMS has to come over the carrier's data pipe (annoyingly).

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Yup, switch off 'Mobile Data'. and leave WiFi on.

But that can be a little crippling.


There is also an option somewhere deep in the menus to "Compress Data".

It doesn't make a big difference, but ive seen saving of 20% from having this turned on.


Really, the only killers are Facebook (the messenger is fine) and Youtube.


If you tell him to use facebook MESSENGER only, and stay off youtube, then it should last fine.


I spend about 3 hours a night on PC stores, gumtree, forums, chatting on Skype, etc. and use about 2.5gb a month.


You know what....

I normally hate this shit... because normally these lists are 'well DUH' moments... but.... this is GREAT!~



I agree with: Data saver, Facebook Lite, Opera Browser, and disabling all apps cellular access unless they're the type of program that needs it to run.

Max out all the sliders on Opera.

You can always tell it to 'load an uncompressed picture' but 99% of the time, 10% JPEG quality is enough to 'get the idea'.

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thanks all


however, his phone runs fine on wifi on the school network, yet not here at home and i have nfi why this is the case - oops, just checked and i suspect it's coz i have it on channel 12 and samsung is compliant with aust settings of 11 or bust at most


dang !


will attend that detail and watch it get fixed :(

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