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Nas with cloud services

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I'm after a nas. I've never had one before but I think I'm ready to make the plunge. I need one that has the ability for me to access the files on my nas from anywhere. It must also have multi user support, a usb3 port, an Ethernet port and a maximum volume support of 16tb for both internal and external drives as well as raid 1 mirroring. Video streaming support is preferable and it must have support for Linux. My budget is about $200 for the nas only. The brands I'm looking at are Synology or Qnap but if they're out of my price range I will look for cheaper models.

Can anyone recommend a suitable nas?

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Damn. You're about $100 away from my usual recommendation.


Running OpenMediaVault, with the OwnCloud plugin.

You can probably find one second hand...


I've never liked 'Branded Nas'. Qith the exception of the super expensive Drobo, they always under perform

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