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I want to overclock my i7 860! But how?

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What is the safest and easiest way to do so? BIOS? overclocking utility?


I have checked the thermal paste on that thing for over 4 years. Should i redo the paste before continuing?

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Bios. If you have the crappy slimline stock Intel cooler then forget about it. I'm awaiting delivery of a 3rd party heatpipe cooler for my i7-870 just to allow it to operate @ 100% for extended periods which the stock HSF isn't up to.


There's guides around. Generally at first you want to disable stuff like speedstep and HT to just establish a reasonable overclock. And when altering the UnCore base clock value you'll generally be changing the Ram timings with it. Probably an idea to do some reading, you don't want to go overvolting stuff without knowing possible consequences.


Before starting it's also a good idea to install SpeedFan or similar monitoring tool. Generally the i7 will hit 80 degrees fairly easily, personally I don't like a core temp over 85 given that a hot graphics card, closed case, and extended period of that condition can easily mean it ramping up even further.


Also get some desktop benchmark software like wPrime, SuperPi and the like. Runninng wPrime with #threads set to whatever your CPU can handle (usually 8 for a quad-core with HT enabled) will load the CPU fairly close to 100%

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