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Found my EoP adapter, yay!

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Moved house recently and couldn't find my EoP adapter.

Getting close to 2 months and I finally found it. In a conveniently easy to find location, of course.
It's not the one i was looking for. Still not found the wireless one. But I have a spare AP/router, so all good.


Testing my connection by copying a file from my NAS to the local PC
I was getting about slow speeds, It was very inconsistent, scored a good spike of 360KB/s. Mostly, it was around 230KB/s.
Took me 24 seconds to copy the file. This was the average from 4 copies of the same file.


Got EoP going and tested it again.

A very stable 2.3MB/s

File copy was done in a touch over 3 seconds every time.


So I'm a little bit happier today.

Expecting NBN before November, FTTN, but it should kick the crap out of my ADSL1 speeds.

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