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YouTube and The Age Of The Internet Apocalypes

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If I'm deadly serious for a moment;

If that new ruling doesn't ban Eminem from being able to Monetize, I'm going to completely nerd rage.

I cannot see a more offensive, adult themed channel on that list.


He has the right to "sing" about what he wants, but if we're flagging people with inappropriate content, I can't think of one song that qualifies as 'clean'.

Even his non swearing songs like the censored "stan" has VERY adult themes.

Something I'm not sure about are these MCN's like "VEVO" that seems to handle monetisation differently.


It could very well be that VEVO pays Youtube directly, and does their own out-of-band monetisation.


Edit: Eminem's videos are also HEAVILY censored on YT, not just the cuss words, but the keywords that make the songs make sense. But again, it comes back to judgement, the powers-that-be have obviously decided that Stan was "censored enough".

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