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Samsung S5 opinions?

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Mum wants to finally go a carrier plan, and picked out the Samsung S5 as the phone.

Never used one of these.


This is with Vodafone BTW


Any particular issues with the S5 to note? (OK it doesn't explode like Note 7 does which is good)


The other choices were Huaweis and HTCs - the type without removeable batteries,


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Had an S5 since release. It's been silky every day: battery life is good, but not outstanding (about 2 days on full charge if you can leave it alone that long) - though you might be starting to look for a spare by now, if the set is 2nd hand and had hard use; GPS is a bit iffy (common Sammy problem, apparently) but good enough for use in car. Screen is fabulous, as is the camera. Touch response is great, and surprisingly precise considering the tree trunks I have for fingers.

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