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Playstation VR

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So I got myself one, I sorta skipped the pre-order queue by buying a cancelled unit (ie, the original pre-orderer cancelled) I earlier cancelled my Move Controller pre-order because I didn't think I'd be getting a PSVR for a while, now it's hard to get your hands on the Move Controllers. Several of the games use the Move Controllers for more natural hand controls. Sony didn't even update these from the PS3 days, they are exactly the same (but I believe with larger capacity batteries)


Haven't got much in the way of games yet, gotta buy a few. Just played around with the free games (some of which aren't games, just... experiences) but they demo games coming out in the next year (Biohazard/Resident Evil etc)


The cabling was a bit ... interesting, but nothing I couldn't sort out. I'm annoyed that I have to have a USB cable in the front of my PS4, as my console doesn't have a rear USB like the new Pro will. After setting it up and testing it out, I routed all the cabling I could to the rear of the console and TV.

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