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Portable Surround Sound Speaker Options

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Just created a profile and wanted to ask a question as I recently bought a new laptop (Dell Inspiron I5 7000 series) to use as an all round workhorse and some gaming and movie watching on the side. Got made redundant and now am looking to go mobile and travel a lot, but want to be able to take some form of surround sound with me. Not keen on headphones as my wife wants to watch movies with me, so that kind of counts them out.


So was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for reasonable quality, hard wearing surround sound for when in some remote caravan park or hotel. Don't want the bad guys to sneak up behind me and want to keep the full movie experience.


It needs to be portable so wont take up much space in the luggage, so any suggestions?

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The in thing these days it would seem is the Bluetooth soundbars and such. More aimed for music but should be equally good for watching videos.


Advantage is that there's no cables and often self-powered, of course the downside is limited time between charges. But in most cases you should be able to charge while using it.

Not sure how far these things go insofar as 5.1 + subwoofer or the like. The good stuff tends to be a bit pricey. Officeworks and JBHifi probably good starting points to look online at such things.


Alternatively some Logitech PC speakers. I've still got my little 2 + subwoofer setup that cost all of $35 or so years ago. Disadvantage of course being cables running everywhere.


On the software side, I'm running a Windows based tray program called DFX sound enhancer that is great for systems with either/both crappy sound drivers/hardware or lacking in the speaker department. It adds equalizer function as well as the effects, reverb and stuff that is lacking in many generic sound chipsets.

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Yeah bluetooth speaker systems, as you don't need to connect wires between the laptop and the speakers.

OK, you'll need to probably charge two sets of batteries but that's to be expected.

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Depending if you want caravan park OR hotel, there will be a big difference.

If its for a caravan, then a bluetooth sound bar will be ideal, because its indoors, or against a caravan wall, and can reflect the sound.

Its not QUITE surround, but its a "3 wall" type sound usually, just no "behind you" speakers.


If however, you want total flexibility, or the ability to put them in a suitcase look into SONOS.

Play:1's are actually amazing. You expect them to be tinny, or bad quality, they're quite the opposite.

Its an expensive setup (once off) but they're infinitely configurable.


If you want quality sound, and "surround" isn't so key, then a single SONOS Play:5 will fit in a suitcase easily, and will fill a basketball court with above average sound.

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Bluedio BS-5 (Camel) Portable Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker with Microphone for Calls


  • Premium Build: Bluedio BS-5 Bluetooth is built with highly durable metal and polymers to last a life time. BS-5's unique pleasing design makes this premium speaker a pleasant looking sound accessory that will fit anywhere in your home.
  • Advanced Acoustic Technology: BS-5 has a lossless transmission and 3D DSP sound effect due to advanced DSP processor that decodes signals at high speed, up to 24bit@48KHz. Ultra-big drivers ensure your music is presented to you in stunning detail with hi-fidelity.
  • Latest Bluetooth Support: BS-5 comes with Bluetooth Version 4.1 that provides you with support for multiple profiles including A2DP,AVRCP,HSP and HFP.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life: One charge will lets you play music upto 5 hours with a standby time of up to 1000 hours. This means you don't need to charge it often on your long trips or house parties.
  • Sleek Design and Elegant Style: Super elegant control panel on the top is ergonomic and provides you all the controls you need in one panel.
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