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Building a new PC - parts list and what not

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Hey guys,


It's been a long time since I built a PC. A very long time!
I only ever buy new bits when current bits break.

This time around pretty much the whole thing has either meted down, or is just too old.



So, I've been on the MSY website to gather some details. It's been that long since I have looked at parts that I'm having to spend more time on Google than MSY :)


I'm trying to build something that's got a fair bit of grunt, without going completely overboard. This machine will be used to do a lot of things, but mainly to run virtual servers on it. Just to muck around with, test bed for work and what not. I will probably whack a few TB of disk in it to be a NAS, too. I try to make the most out of any machine I buy/build.

Anyway, this is what I have gathered so far. Some of it may be questionable, or even incorrect - compatibility wise. So I'm happy to take advice onboard and or criticism :)


I'm quoting MSY prices below, as of today's date.


Motherboard: Gigabyte MX31-BS0 - $259

CPU: Intel Quad-Core E3-1220V5

RAM: 4x Kingston 8GB DDR4 1233 (not sure whether to settle for 32GB or go up to 64GB - that's just a matter of cost, really)

SSD: ?

PSU: ?




I'm not sure what PSU I need and I'm not sure what SSD to use.

I'm thinking of just running the OS on an SSD and the rest using standard SATA disks.



So what do ya reckon? As far as Mobo, CPU, RAM - is that a decent platform to build upon?


It's not exactly cheap, but it's not through the roof. I try to strike a balance and then keep this rig for the next X years until shit starts to break.








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MSY seem to be a bit skinny on their CPUs listed so maybe worth shopping around and considering other options.

Strange that the Xeon there doesn't support HTT, note they also have the i5-6600 listed there for not too much more and it runs quicker though the integrated graphics is a waste.


With the Ram might be worth just living with 16 Gig by way of 2*8 then grab a pair of 16s when the prices come down. Realistically you'd not notice the diff of 16 or >16 most of the time unless you do something like video edits where a huge chunk of cache can help out lots.


SSD - not sure what's hot ATM, was actually considering a 500 Gig Samsung EVO 750 for my Macbook Pro. I've got a 120 (Kingston HyperX Fury) on my desktop machine and although not full wouldn't at all mind having double that.


PSU - half decent 500 Watter as a minimum then go up on that depending on what graphics card you get.


VID - depends what you're doing game-wise. I upgraded recently to a GTX960, they won't light the world on fire for 4K or latest games in 1080p at high settings but for the moment suits me OK.

Got my Radeon R7-360 sitting back in it's box that I'm considering selling down the track if you're interested.


HDD - I'm well and truly over putting stupid numbers of HDDs into the case. I ran 3 for a time and the heat generated contributed to killing one. These days, just get a 2 or 3 TB, or 4 if you must.

Since USB 3 will let you run externals at near native speed there's little sense in wasting electrickery on keeping archival and rarely used stuff online 24/7.

Me, I just sit my 3 TB drive on top of the machine, it gets plugged in once in a while to offload stuff I've watched and that's about it.

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Nice response, thanks mate.


Still very open and flexible to mobo/CPU combinations. I was actually preferring an AMD system, they're cheaper. But there's not a whole lot of AMD stuff on MSY anymore...sign of the times? I didn't realise AMD were struggling to shift units. But on MSY at least, Intel is king!
Still looking I guess..


RAM - my current machine has 16GB in it. Once I have about 10 virtual servers running on it, I'm outta RAM. For what I need, more is definitely better.


It's not going to be a gaming rig what so ever. I play zero games.

So I would be happy with onboard graphics. Seeing as it is going to be sitting under my desk, I might wanna run netflix or a HD movie file on it, I reckon a standard onboard graphics chip would suffice, but I will dig a little deeper and see what the onboard stuff is capable of. Seems okay so far. I'd probably be happy with 2 x 2tb disks (or 2 x 3TB), aside from the OS SSD. A few TB is heaps for me, then I have a backup disk.

Regular disks seem to be cheap as chips these days. Last time I bought PC hardware, 2TB disks were just getting into fashion. Hence all I have a re several 1TB disks.

PSU sounds solid. I figured i'd just make sure I had adequate wattage. Then ensure I'm getting the right one AMD or Intel....or are they pretty much one fits all now?
I recall they had different mobo connectors?

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I'm assuming you checked out Dasa's awesome parts guide, found at the top of this forum :P


I'm not sure why you'd go Xeon versus i5/i7, something like the i5 6600.


This will impact other decisions you make on the build, I'm just curious why the Xeon.


As far as SSDs go, I now have Samsung SSDs of various flavours in all our lappys, desktops and a server and I've found them to be great value for money and very reliable (they don't seem to catch fire like some of their other products...

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PSU should be same for AMD though supposedly their 6 and 8 core FX CPUs can be power hungry.


I looked into upgrades back this time last year before realising this here Dell that was sitting under the desk doing nothing is perfectly capable of running the upper end first-gen i7 and Xeons so I stuck with it.


AMD... the problem is, they're sort of dead in the water. Their CPUs can be price competitive but the upgrade path is somewhat poor. Supposedly the next generation next year are meant to be you-beaut again but it's a wait and see thing. Fact is, Intel has been king since 2007, AMD languishing.


What's your current system? Not worth forking out lots of cash if the upgrade barely improves on it by double-figure %age.

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What's your current system?

GA-880GA-UD3H with 16GB of RAM.




I'm just curious why the Xeon.


No particular reason at all other than why not. But if why not has significant ramifications then they need to be explored.

I basically grabbed a few make/model numbers of the list from various price ranges and just started matching bits and pieces from the supported hardware list. No solid selections at all, that's why I'm asking here.


Yeah, I'm still going through The Dasa goldminel







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Yeah, looks like the best of the Phenon II as tested @ Tom's HW is about equivalent to a first-gen Core i7-870.




I've got one an i7-870 sitting here on the floor - it's no slouch. So a worthy upgrade from a Phenom II X6-1100T would probably be any current or back to -2 generation Quad-Core i5 or i7 with a base speed of at least 3.2 GHz or so. Not sure on the clock for clock difference but 25% in favour of Intel wouldn't surprise me.

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Intel Core i7 6700K 4-4.2GHz HT 8 Threads $459
Gigabyte B150M-D3H $129
Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK32GX4M2A2400C14 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 $269
SilverStone Strider Platinum 550W $139 <a good 200w would be heaps of power but good luck finding one

Intel 600P Series 256GB M.2 SSD $135 good value if the use is primarily reads and not much in the way of large writes
Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB SSD $179 great all round performance


Toshiba DT01ACA300 3TB 7200RPM $129 value\performance\3y warranty
HGST Deskstar NAS 3TB 0S03662 7200RPM $189 performance\reliability\3y warranty
Western Digital WD Blue 3TB WD30EZRZ 5400RPM $135 low performance\low noise\low power\2y warranty

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forgot to mention the 6700k doesnt come with a hsf

Cryorig M9I $35 is one option only available from pccg though

other stores have some deep or coolermaster tower hsf at a good price

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