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Connecting a XBox 360 Controller To A Windows PC

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My understanding is that Wireless XBox 360 controllers can't be connected up to a PC (i.e. can't transmit their input) via a cable, they can only be used on PCs via wireless recievers? Is that correct?


The USB cables I've seen around for wireless XBox 360 controllers are strictly for drawing power from the PC, if I understand correctly? Their mostly called "charging cables", but could I just use one to power a controller without batteries? Or do they litterally only funnel power into the batteries, without actually powering the circuitry of the controller itself?

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Go on ebay you can find the cheap chinese knock off wireless receiver - works fine.

Can plus one this.


Or just pick up a 2nd gen Xbox One controller, 100% plug and play with Windows 10 and basically every game I've thrown at it.

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