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A new (to me) space survival sandbox: Hellion

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Looks like it might be a good one... I'd prefer a proper closed world game than procedural infinte repetitive wankery.

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For anyone who thought this looked ok at the time I posted it, the game is now in open alpha, through Steam Early Access, for ~US$25.



Considering that this is Day 1 of an alpha - not even beta, let alone finished - it's pretty damned incredible, really. Even on my underwhelming laptop, with gfx set to 'performance' rather than looks, it looks pretty damned stunning, and motion is smooth as butter.


Serious bugs personally noted so far:

- I clipped through a wall into outer space once (fortunately had already suited up), but that's far from common;

- Modules and ship floating in space can start to spin randomly as you approach, and seem to accelerate the closer you are.


UI improvements really needed:

- Can be hard to tell where you're looking at times. There's a "Press 'F' to interact" message that comes up when over the right spot, but it's a bit 'sticky', and in some places you might not think you're pointed at the right component;

- It really, REALLY needs a more comprehensive hotkey list at a minimum, and an actual tutorial would be nice later on;

- Zero-G maneuvering is a serious PITA. I mean, it should not be easy, with nothing to grab and no friction, but this is currently harder than makes sense.


Other issues:

- There is no offline mode, and there are some really nasty lagspikes that may make you think doors etc won't open (so you press the control 15 times, give up, then the thing works when you're on the other side of the room and lets all your air out);

- If you like being able to hear, turn your volume way, way, WAY THE FUCK DOWN! Maybe even OFF, until you can change the game volume. On my system, the intro music was loud enough to wake people two rooms away, and I had the system volume down to where the average YouTube clip was barely audible.

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