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Do you like racing games but know public servers are bad?

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Hey - bit of shameless advertising I guess. Some years ago (2010) a bunch of atomicans start Atomic F1, racing on Codemasters F1 2010. We managed races here on the forums. At one point we realised most of us were only posting in these threads. We pulled some new nonatomic members and went and started our own site http://www.atomicsimracing.net/ And when I say "we" I mean Lambo :)
Anyway, we're a bunch of guys (though we don't exclude girls :)) who love talking motorsport and tech - and enjoy meeting regularly online for sim races. We've got our own hosted servers etc and run a few sims.


We've got the new seasons starting soon in

  • Assetto Corsa in the Ferrari F138
  • Automobilista in the Caterham Superlight Sequential
  • Codemasters F1 2016

We also

  • are running a Dirt: Rally series ongoing
  • have an iRacing team that currently runs a few series: ProtoGT in the LMP2, Star Maza, Mazda MX-5, Skip Barber

If you're interested in dipping your toe into the world of sim racing come say hi to forum old timers like:


Come along to the forums, say hi, and have some fun on and off the track


References :p
and a bunch more I cbf finding.

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