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BTRFS, who's on board?

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So I'm about to go home and set up a btrfs mirror for my data.

To cut a long story short, (and since Zebra doesn't stop by here anymore :P) I'm not compelled to use ZFS, I also have only 2GB of ECC ram, so I dont want to have critical dismounts.

I wanted a COW filesystem. I wanted 'BitRot' protection.


Is anyone onboard with BTRFS?


I intend to simply take pairs of drives, and make mirrors.

I will then merge the mirrors using MergerFS (if I need to).


I will then use my 3X 1.5TB drives (they're older) as a triple parity RAID1, for my desktop backups (media will be on the single parity raid1's).



Am I correct in understanding that the RAID functions are all... invisible... to the end user (me)?


So basically; If i was to:

mkfs.btrfs -d raid1 /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd


Then all I have to do is mount EITHER, sdb, sdc, or sdd, and the RAID features are AUTOMATIC?

Repeating, I only need to MOUNT a SINGLE drive, and it JUST WORKS?


Is there a way to CONFIRM this to match my levels of paranoia?


Also, assuming I'm correct above.

Can I easily see which drives are paired with each other?


Last thing I want is to have sda,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n; and have to manually remember which one went with which pair.



Expect MANY questions later on.




For some background, I was using OpenMediaVault and Snapraid, but I got nervoud after snapraid reported false metadata problems and rSync failed and required command line intervention.

Ive now decided, I like a GUI too much (to physically see a folder layout) to work from a web-gui, or a command line alone.

As such, I'll be installing a full install of Ubuntu Desktop LTS, and going from there.

HDD space is not a concern on the boot drive. It has a dedicated 320GB laptop HDD to do that.

I just got sick of trying to configure from 'web interfaces' which break so easily.

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Or, actually, does ZFS-On-Linux handle low RAM better, since memory is being allocated in userspace? I mean, if it runs out, it'll swap, rather than 'crash' like in Solaris?


I'll likely have:


3x 1.5tb

2x 1tb

2x 1tb

2x 4tb

2x 3tb


I dont need compression, I dont need dedupication, I dont need prefetching, I just need a reliable file system for a NAS with only 2GB of ECC Ram, and a maximum load of 3 users.



Really, all the 'Hoarder' groups have me paranoid about BitRot, even though I've only experienced it once on a HDD that was already SMART failed and out of sectors to reallocate.

It's BTRFS or ZFS by the looks of it.

I'd love to use ReFS, but I don't trust Windows systems at the moment until they figure out all the 'spying' bullshit that they keep getting accused of (might just be hot air, but still).



Does anyone know if BTRFS, when used on Raw drives, has fixed the error involved when 'Drive 1 fails', so if SDA failed, but i had SDB and SDC still, the RAID would be gone, unless I partitioned prior to the RAID build\drive fail? It was a late 2015 problem I believe, but I can find very little reference to it.

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