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Looking for Windows Tablets for work

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Hi there guys, Currently in negotiations with my boss to get some new equipment to replace our old IBM lenovo laptops.

We are looking for something similar to the Gigabyte S1080 in spec maybe a quad core instead of a dual core and would much prefer a up gradable 2.5inch hdd/ssd.
Must be able to run Windows 7 preferably otherwise Windows 10.
Must have USB, Ethernet, and SD card slot, Also sim card slot preferred.
Must also have Bluetooth
A serial port would be a massive bonus but not needed as long as we have USB ports.

Hoping for something under $1000 mark so that we could potentially buy 2 or 3.

We would mainly be running serial monitor apps and adobe reader. possible Microsoft office- Word excel and outlook.

Would be great if someone had some recommendations or experiences with anything related.

Currently looking at the Microsoft Surface 3.


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Just from experience no one puts serial ports on laptops anymore, you'd need a USB to serial dongle for sure.

And never seen a serial port on any tablet of any description.

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Do NOT get Surfaces, they have a reliability that could shatter records.... and not in the good way.....


The HP ENVY X2 on the other hand, has never had a single one come back in my organization, and they are just amazing.

Only down side is the whisper quiet audio. But that's all.

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