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Recommend me a new Router.

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Good Evening All,

My home router Netgear N3700 has finally shat it's self and I am getting next to no wireless bandwith and Gigabyte ethernet is slow as a pug with a full belly!


Looking at upgrading and need some suggestions please. Budget of around $200 and I would like it to have strong wifi connections through wood walls and up to 20 meters distance.


As a bit of an idea what will be hooked up to it. Is an 8 port switch, which shares to my HDTV, PC, Receiver, NAS, DVD player and Printer via Ethernet and then wifi I have 1 laptop, 2 smart phones, 2 tablets and any guests that visit.


Hope this helps and thanks for the assstance.


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Is the router section PURELY for the 4 ethernet ports and to connect your ADSL?


If so; you're WAY better off getting devices you KNOW are good for their job.


First, for $39


Grab one of those, it's a Broadcom chipset, so it'll have the bes possible ADSL connection.

Disable the wifi on it.


Then get one of these for $179

Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC LR 802.11ac Access Point



You have NO IDEA what WiFi is, until you've used a UBIQUITI.

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