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Internet Security Utility

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Hi guys,

I am looking for people who can recommend any internet security utility like Antivirus or VPN that comes up with URL & App filtering (won't mind IPS/IDS. I don't intend to buy these individually, heard about some parenting control routers offering these but too expensive. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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Easiest way would be to sign up for a DNS service.


You can blacklist sites and add custom lists at will. If you pay you can whitelist individual sites.


The advantage of doing it this way is that kids will never be able to find software that's doing it. Because there isn't any.


They'd need to know the DNS on the router was changed.

And then know how to make the computer ignore that (near impossible if they're not local admin).

Or know how to reconfigure the router. (kids may be good with 'apps' but they still aren't assigning IP ranges, lol)


Best up side, is that if YOU, as local admin, set a custom DNS server for yourself, you can set the most strict rules possible on the router, so all the DHCP clients (kids phones, laptops, etc) all follow those rules. and yours, with a custom (google) DNS entry, gets around it!

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