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Chinese market phones.. are these a bargain?

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2 hours ago, Dasa said:

Looks like to get everything I want with Telstra\Optus rural reception approval I am looking at ~$550 for Samsung S8\+ and $50 for otterbox defender.

Obviously there is other phones out there with good reception that they are not selling and thus haven't tested but it is hard to know which.


Thanks that is a whopper of a battery in a budget phone but looks like it is also lacking b28

There are 2 versions that don't but the global version is supposed to have it. The booklet that comes with mine lists it as being present. 

But the s8 is of course a much more capable phone. Not to mention things like NFC. 

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On 3/6/2019 at 3:08 PM, Master_Scythe said:


Funny enough, China phones (if you get B28) almost always do better reception than Australian or US models, due to their blatant disregard for radiation laws.
If I needed a phone to survive anything I'd still be looking at Nokia; at last check, they STILL go through the nokia stress test (drop, sand, humidity, etc).


The chance of increased radiation is probably enough for me to scrap the idea of a cheap china phone.
Sister is talking me into Sony even though I am not a fan of the brand the XZ looks like good value for under $400 from Kogan or the premium can be had from a decent seller on ebay for a similar price..

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1 hour ago, Dasa said:

Sister is talking me into Sony

Not if you want battery life.
Most tests fare it well in standby and talk; but screen on and radios traditionally melt the capacity quickly.

I'm sure they've improved since last generation; but any brand is unlikely (and reviews confirm) to jump from 'worst flagship battery life' to 'best' in 1 gen.



As for radiation; our phones are already only tested at X cm away from head, or on handsfree.
More radiation in the phone itself isn't my concern at all. Wont hurt me on bluetooth, and wont hurt me with my headphones in.

Any call more than 1 minute gets headphones; as should everyone if they're RF concerned.

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