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Purchased the Razer OSVR HDK2 $375

It arrived in the mail today and I must say it crushed my hopes and dreams of VR gaming quite spectacularly.


Dual Display 2160x1200 (1080 X 1200 per eye) low persistence OLED silver screen with 441 PPI running at 90 fps.
IQE (Image Quality Enhancement) technology for reduced screendoor effect. <Fails from what I have read this is just a blur filter...


(Just sent this off to Razer Support)

Display is very pixilated it's like looking through fly wire or at a 27" monitor running 640x480
Tried to play hl2 and l4d2 but its too blurry to read anything and the texture quality is nonexistent

Doesn't fit my face the eye pieces are too narrow they hit my nose so that the zoom slides itself back in from the pressure of resting against my nose putting it back out of focus

My eye lashes rub the lenses making them foggy

Is there any workarounds for these problems?

On the up side i didn't feel any sicker after playing l4d2 with it on than I did before I started which seems to be the main complaint about vr

If the quality was bearable it would be a rather immersive experience so maybe one day vr will be worth a look but at this stage they have a long way to go as my eyes have gotten use to 4k and don't want to go back to vhs


Why VR Image is Bad? Screen Door Effect Coping With PenTile Hybrid Technology

Wonder if I can get my money back


From what i can find the image quality problems are not limited to the Razer VR and while some may be a little better none are acceptable

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"screen door effect" is just something you have to live with, but its quite acceptable for gen 1 imo — and when everything else is right (specs/software/ergonomics), it can fade out of your awareness very quickly like the persistent noise of a ticking clock or the low hum of a fridge etc.


ive used the Vive a fair bit and found that setting the right IPD (horizonatal distance between each lens) is crucial. when its even subtly off for your eyes it causes the crispness of close imagery in particular to break down. not sure if you have that option.


also, different games vary in making design choices that are able to diminish the noticeability of the screen door. the weird thing about VR, apart from needing to mitigate for the fact that even a pixel density of 4K per-eye — when we get it — will not be nearly 'enough', is that there are new constraints in terms of level of detail. to produce a pleasant experience, there is a need for more constraint in terms of draw distance, subtle depth of field effects, and most of all a LOD which peaks at much closer distances than you would ordinarily render on a monitor. simpler textures with smooth gradients and objects with slightly chunkier minimum widths seem to work well. same goes for UI features. just like we have 10' interfaces for massive TVs, VR requires its own adjustments.


not sure exactly what youre playing, but its worth pointing out that there can be a huge difference between the user experience of something built from the ground up for VR versus something retrofitted via a kludgey tool like VorpX.

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no im afraid it doesn't have any ipd adjustment although there is a utube video of somebody taking to it with a dremel to adjust it

still i think as far as my eyes go its fairly good just a shame it needs to go wider to get past my nose

apparently some have added extra thick padding to it which could help me a bit at least with comfort


from the reading i have been doing a lot of the visible pixels is to do with the display type and the number of sub pixels not just the final resolution so the right display combined with 4k may work out fairly well

but in the mean time yes games with carton textures would look better as the sharpness could be decreased to hide the pixels without losing much quality


im looking at getting elite dangerous since i miss freelancer and its apparently one of the better vr games although distance objects apparently still look like a pixel blob rather than a detailed ship


had a look at war thunder which is the first vr title i have tried that is 3d which was kinda cool


don't have vorpx at this time i have just been using steamvr



tried thicker padding to push it out far enough i get a fair halo like distortion ring near the outer edge but then it gets sharp again at the edge

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I'd love to find one that fits over my glasses.

I don't see the screen door, thanks to my bad eyes. But fitting my eyes and glasses comfortably into any of these things is hard.

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