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Windows Doesn't Assign A Letter To USB Drives

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My PC's developed an annoying little tic where it doesn't automatically assign a drive letter to USB drives (both HDD and flash) that I plug into it, forcing me to assign a letter manually via Computer Management. Problem doesn't seem to occur that much with drives that I plug in on a regular basis, but new drives and rarely-used drives don't get assigned a letter.


Once I've manually assigned a letter, though, the drives all behave normally.


Any idea how I can fix this?


Windows 7 64-bit.

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Worth a try -


go into Command Prompt. Type DISKPART. It'll probably ask for admin permission (press Yes).



Also, AUTOMOUNT SCRUB should supposedly remove any predefined definitions. In theory you could use all the letters by manually assigning them to removable drives.

I'd just try the first one and see how it goes though.


EXIT to get out of Diskpart (or just close the window).

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