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RAM identification issue

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AS the United States Open continues this week, all eyes Are All On Andre Agassi, who at the ripe old age of 36 has announced that this will be his final hurrah in aggressive tennis. But what about the other baseball game? You know, the one which's played on a table and, as stated by the International Olympic Committee, appears to be the world's biggest participation sport. In the United States we call the game Ping-Pong, and we relegate it to the attics and basements of our nation. However, what many of us don't know is that there are hundreds of millions of casual players along with 40 million competitive ping pong players worldwide. This means more people played at a ping pong tournament last year than reside in the country of California. For a game that started as a distraction for monks in 11th century France -- with a hairball and homemade leather mitts -- that is a great deal of pong.

So why not America care? Why not we origin for Global ping pong living legends such as Werner Schlager of Austria and Timo Boll of Germany with the identical excitement we reserve, say, Maria Sharapova? O.K., for instance, but you know what I mean. The answer is straightforward. Ping pong is the most un-American of American sports. For starters, ping pong knows no age or shape. We fancy our athletes as the lightning-fast, preternaturally powerful crest of human evolution. Ping pong is all about hand quickness. It is about how fast you are able to shuffle your feet from one end of the table to another. Size and date of birth don't matter in ping pong. In the last United States Nationals I saw a sizable, middle-aged man rally with just a little woman in an official game. And sorry to tell you this, Andre, but the dominating men's United States champion is 38 years old. Of course, the Issue Is that, in America, you can not place a 38-year-old's face on a billboard or a cereal box


Ping pong is also nonviolent. There are no neck-breaking Collisions, no chance of a person exploding into flames. The sole sports-induced widows in ping pong are those who lose their spouses to the ping pong hall each week. The biggest smash-ups are involving a 40-millimeter celluloid ball flying 70 miles per hour and a pad of compressed rubber and sponge. No, if ping pong had play-by-play announcers that they would not create metaphors relating ping pong to some battlefield or warlike activity. Ping pong is much more Zen than blood sport, and we know how Americans love to see blood.

Additionally, there are no medications -- as much as we Understand -- in ping pong. Any American sport worth the price of admission has a medication issue. Unfortunately for its popularity, according to the championship director of North American Ping pong, the game is ping pong tables reviews.

Ping pong also can keep you fit and active your entire life. All of us Americans prefer sports like soccer and baseball that we quit the day we graduate from high school. What most individuals don't see is that ping pong, if performed the right way, which makes you sweat -- a lot. Ron Joseph, a professional body builder, utilizes ping pong as his primary way of conditioning. Ping pong can keep your mind healthy. In his book "Making a fantastic Brain Great," Daniel G. Amen asserts that playing ping pong can boost brain activity. And then there's the dilemma of money. There aren't any million-dollar prizes. There are just a few commercially endorsed players in America, and they don't get a whole lot more than a pair of shorts and a few paddles every year. What sane-headed American parents could steer their children to a sport that can not make them rich?


During the next month in halls across America, There'll be Severe ping pong tournaments. There will not be camera crews, and there is almost No chance that an athlete will purposely violate his paddle on his knee as Dmitry Tursunov once did to his racket during a tennis game. Should the Average cellar participant appear to play, hoping to dominate the game, he Will be defeated, and probably badly. But Americans should consider turning off their televisions And resisting the temptation to watch the millionaire athletes who will be dance Round the courts of Flushing over the next several days. They should actually Do the perspiration themselves and help make ping pong approved from the one nation Where it is ignored.

=> Way to choose the best ping pong table: https://medium.com/@conghieu4690/best-ping-pong-tables-1d5067cc180

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It's up to the motherboard/Bios to take the XMP info and do whatever with it.

It's not uncommon to still need to go in and set some things manually. Maybe try XMP enabled and set the Ram speed manually.

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