Warning, thread has graphic images,  
Two months ago, I had a sore ankle. Being a guy, I decided to tough it out.
That was a big mistake After a week I decided to see a GP, they described antibiotics.
Three days later I woke to see a mess in my bed and my lower leg covered in black sores. OK, NOW it is time to go to emergency
Diagnosis; Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating disease)
I had somehow cut my foot and let in a nasty bug, which was eating my leg muscles away from the inside
By the end of the night, half of the skin on my lower leg was gone, and some muscle My leg was bandaged with a plastic bandage, the tube is sucking out the crap from my leg
This is what I woke to;
I spent two weeks having the wound cleaned up, then I was shipped from Ballarat to Sunshine hospital, as that is the place to get reconstructive surgery done. A week of getting assessed there then of for more surgery

The wound will be covered by a skin flap and skin grafts
A skin flap is a piece of skin and muscle taken from another part of the body
A skin graft is a thin layer of skin scrapped from a third site Where they plan on taking the flap from;
And what it looks like after they have removed the flap;
What my leg looked like after 11 hours surgery;
(the frame stayed on for three weeks)
What it looks like without bandages;
What you are seeing is the untouched foot, skin flap, skin graft, and untouched rest of me
After 5 weeks, the flap has taken well, and the donor site has healed over nicely. While it does not look like it, the skin graft is solid to touch, but it is transparent, so you can see the muscle underneath

A bit of rehab, and I am now back at home.
Although it will be some time before I can get back to work