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Aorus Gtx 1070 Gaming GPU

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OK so i ended up with this beast of a card man this thing is large im glad i have a big case ,so I've got everything in just waiting on the AMD bracket for my H100i cooler to arrive then ill be good to fit the heat-sink and power this baby up.B


But i have one question theirs a power socket for 8 pin plugs or for 6 pin theirs no problem with the cables i just can not find any info on what power socket to use i have 2 6 plus 2 .


Cheers Rob

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Yep, on GPU you need both.

Often if you trace the pins, the 8 alone will do (as they're linked) but they often want to draw more power than those cables can provide.


Best thing about those new 10X0 series GPUs is that they're smart enough to notice their power is low, and just stop turboing\throttle.

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