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Help with new build: Raid

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In this day of SSDs becoming faster and cheaper, and hybrid SSHDs I don't see much sense in buying 10,000 rpm drives given the price per Gig compared to standard drives.


A quick search brings up this comparison between an SSD and 10K mech drive:



RAID5 by onboard controller. Not sure actually. I haven't bothered with RAID for over 10 years now.

Personally I run an SSD for the system drive and a single 3 TB HDD.

A pair of Velociraptor's would perform well in RAID but really, I'd just go SSD for the system drive and assuming you've got a pair of these already, RAID0 the Veloci drives together for programs/storage.


Lessons learnt from past experience - running 3 mech drives just uses more electricity, generates more heat, makes for a heavier, noisier machine. IMO just run a single mech drive and have some externals closeby for archive/backup/seldom used videos etc. and turn them on during those rare occasions they're needed.


The graphics card - HD5570 is just deadset ancient. About 2 years ago I stopped using a HD5850 which is the 2nd highest specced card of that series and even it would have trouble playing modern games on any decent setting. If you're not full on into games then something like a GTX1050 new or a used GTX960 would be fine.

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outdated wall of text I'm afraid this reeks of spam

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