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Perth drivers - again....

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So every car has to have comprehensive? And by the sound of the article the base coverage is pretty pathetic and you mightn't even be covered for driving from work to a lunch destination.


No. Third Party at least, which, depending on your age can be just as expensive as Fully Comp. If your car is on finance then it must be Fully Comp.


Either way.... It's legalised extortion !


eg: My 20 year old daughter (the youngest one) has just paid £800 fully comp on a little Peugeot 107 and that's with 1 years no claims bonus.

I've just renewed mine and it's £230 for a 2007 2.2l Civic.


As Chris said, they use any reason to not pay out or raise your premium.

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Do you mean 3rd party only or 3rd party property?


Straight up 3rd party is part of the rego cost here, some states you have to get it as a seperate entity. 3rd party only covers injury medical cost to other people in an accident.

The cost where I am at least is fixed regardless of age/history etc. but you have choice of provider each time you renew, from memory the cost difference is only $10 one way or the other.

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in sidders, third party (green slip) is a separate and mandatory item, with exactly the same cover from all providers, but prices between them vary by up to ~ a hundred dollars for the same vehicle for no apparent reason whatsoever - that's capitalism in action, demonstrating "competition", or so they say


for my 250cc bike it's ~ $250, but for our subaru outback it's just shy of $600

third party property, or comprehensive (optional) is an added impost

and then there's rego

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Third Party Fire & Theft is the correct term.


Basic insurance that covers damage YOU cause to others including their personal injuries.


It does not pay for repairs to your own vehicle unless it gets nicked or torched or personal injury.


For a vehicle to be parked on the public highway (street) in the UK it must have passed an annual roadworthiness vehicle inspection, Be taxed (Vehicle Excise Duty .Road Tax by any other name)

and at least TPFT insurance.


I must admit that I've never heard of not being covered for a commute to work !


One good thing about all now is that Road Tax discs are not issued anymore. It's all online. There are websites where you can check if the vehicle is insured, taxed etc


Here's one


Hopefully if you punch my rego in KX07AKC it'll say I'm insured !!



He told the court the insurance had not paid out on the incident, as he was drink driving.




lol .. That'll learn im !

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