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Video fixing

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"What were the problems you are experiencing..." - you've mixed past and present tense in the wrong way with that question.

Better would be "What problems were you experiencing..."


Audio a bit crappy. Not too fussed with scrolling still images. IMO you'd be better off doing them fullscreen with transition effects between each one.


"Why did you decide to coooperate with..." - I didn't extensively watch but the relationship seems more like Savvycom are a service provider? So the description of the relationship is a bit off.


Overall on the video - too much green. But I suppose if that's their corporate colour you have to live with it.

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FIRST, What?

Published on Dec 13, 2016
You decided you'd wait more than a YEAR before getting feedback on this?!
This video will have cost you english-speaking clients. Guarantee.
Savvycom Client Testimonial - Adam Dobson - Founder of Stampp What intrigued Adam Dobson to choose us for cooperating? In this video you'll learn more about our process and why we are so easy to work with.
Why didn't you have someone check your description? It makes NO SENSE, "Choose us for cooperating"? What does this even mean?!
And Third,
Category: Nonprofits & Activism
Are you?
It sounds like your a business. It's dirty to claim to be a not-for-profit company, when you're not.
Your company INSTANTLY lost my hypothetical business when I saw your company lied about what you are.

Onto the video;

In short, it's terrible.


I work in an industry where (If we didn't already have partners) we might consider a company such as yours.

And Even with me thinking "We might need this" I was bored.

Ok, here are my points:


First, the intro card is wrong: (ARE and WERE are in the wrong spots in your sentence)

What are the problems you were experiencing before working with Savvycom

Run NOISE FILTERING over the interview!

The background noise is LOUD, but it's all about the same frequency (aircon?) so you WILL be able to clean it up\filter it\remove it.

Most cultures don't do that anymore, it's also clearly staged (it's prefect hand-on-hand, its almost like they're about to make love :P)


Also, the "3 staff standing around one guy" looks almost intimidating.
I understand you won't be able to re-shoot those pictures, just use less of them.
Transition 2 of them, not scroll 5.

"Why did you decide to cooperate with savvycom"
This is bad English, without meaning to be racist, this is "Asian Language".

Use 'partner with' or 'work with'.



Most Importantly!

Cut down the interview by a LOT.

So more transition effects and jump the audio point-to-point, I don't want to hear the guy going "Well...." "umm..." as he thinks.

It's just a painfully boring video.


Also it's 4 minutes of ONE interview. The ONE opinion, and it looks like the ONLY client you have, is this ONE guy!

It's too long, and just makes me think "where are your other clients"?!


ps. One good trick, play back the interview at 110% with pitch correction.

No one will notice, and it's instantly shorter and more 'snappy'.



Also, I just had a look at STAMPP's facebook page, I'm sure he's happy, but he sure doesn't mention you guys there, at all.

Edited by Master_Scythe
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@Rybags @Master_Scythe

Thanks for your constructive criticism. It is highly appreciated. I've noted down all the points that you made and will definitely consider it in my next project.  

By the way, can you help me with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnXKNCPzWf4

Is it good ? and if not, can you show me how to improve? 

Thank in advance.

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