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Oppo R11s without the iphone style?

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Hi All,


I have ben researching phones for the Wife (we are both Andriod users) and decided on the Oppo R11s due to it being a midrange phone with a bit of a premium feel and a good front camera. I finally got to play with one today only to find it having iphone style everything, and its horrible. Neither of us have owned an iphone in years and I don't want to have to learn how to use a phone that is caught somewhere in between.


Is there a way without rooting to make it more android? it doesn't even have an app draw and uses the 'swipe up' to access functions which all look like ios. Im not sure that a launcher alone will fix it all.





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The easiest way to change the look/feel of Android is with an alternate launcher.


A launcher prettymuch takes over management of the desktop, icon placement, presentation of the app drawer and docked icons.

My previous phone was a Huawei from ~ 2015 and it had the horrendous EmotionUI that did the iPhone tryhard workalike thing.


Nova launcher to the rescue. First thing to do is stop every app from being on the desktop. Next thing was to change the ridiculous layout that presented something like a 4x6 icon layout that looked like it was taylored for someone with failing eyesight.

Other nice features is stuff like shortcut gestures and customization of how the app drawer works, and even stuff like transitions when you swipe from one homescreen to another.


An app I use today that makes my current phone more livable (or should I say Android itself) is Home Launcher. Instead of that annoying Google app/search thing that appears when you swipe up from home or hold the home key, it presents a customizable quick-launch system that you can populate with commonly used apps or shortcuts.

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My son got an Oppo and loves it. It's great quality for the price, and the Chinese spyware isn't too intrusive. :)


As Rybags says, a launcher is your friend though. It's quite customisable with a bit of fiddling and using the right launcher can make a huge difference.


I bought a cheap Huawei for work which is actually pretty good now they have gotten rid of the previous UI. But I still use a launcher. Nova is good. Evie is good. There's heaps of good ones if you want to pay a few bucks too.


My advice is to install one, see what you think and then get rid of it and try another. Keep going until you find one you keep going back to. :)

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Im not sure that a launcher alone will fix it all.


It will fix 99% of it though.

Even the Google Pixel isn't pure Vanilla Android anymore.


That said, ColorOS (Oppo's version of Android) is very easy to use.

As you said, yeah you swipe up rather than left or right to clear apps, but there's really not a lot to 'learn', and a launcher should fix 99% of this; I think the only difference you'll find after replacing the launcher, is deep inside menus.


Other phones to look into, from reputable brands that are well below $1000 would be:

Almost The entire Nokia series (vanilla Android)





(I actually don't know why anyone who's into touch screen phones would buy anything EXCEPT a nokia at the moment... price to performance? 2nd to none...)


Blackberry (Vanilla Android with a security layer) - (If you want a QWERTY keyboard and Vanilla android; the KeyONE is fucking amazing, been using one since launch day)

Alcatel (has its own launcher, but it's extremely android-esque)

Xiaomi (custom launcher, but less iPhone. Still odd though. But the price is killer.)

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As others have said, you can use a launcher and that will resolve the crappy iPhone-like UI issues. You can also get custom file manager, photo gallery and app manager apps from the Play store to get past other limitations with the UI. However, I should note that I mostly use a terminal emulator to administer my phone (I like command lines), so I am not too sure of how decent these custom apps are for new versions of Android (7+).


If you want full control and to get rid of the Oppo interface entirely, you would need to root and install a custom ROM. I do not recommend this unless you know what you are doing and how to protect yourself, as you could brick the phone or leave it wide open for hackers and malware. If you are really that concerned about the UI, consider getting a different phone that comes with a UI you like out of the box. This will not involve rooting, installing extra apps or anything else that is liable to make your phone less stable and less secure.

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