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The one that got away

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Where are you these days? I think its been 4 years since we last met, and I'm sorry we didn't hang out more.





Hey Rob. Likewise! I've been pretty slack getting in contact with people whenever I've been in Japan the last few years... once I get over there, I usually spend what scant time I can get with my girlfriend. I'll be in Tokyo for a week or so this September, if you're still there? Very much looking forward to hearing tales. I'm in Melbourne these days.


I'm back in Melbourne too, actually. Landed back 12 months ago.


Do you still have LiNE? If not, shoot me a PM with your mobile number? Lets grab a drink/tea/coffee/something?



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I don’t really have a “one that got away” but I have multiple failed attempts at courtship which didn’t lead to anything when I was younger and more foolish. Multiple possibilities I don’t really crave.


I’m pretty happy with the situation I find myself in, I’m married to a wonderful gal, but there are obviously things I would wish to change.

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Only one- and it was someone I was never with.

It was shortly after I broke up with an ex about nine years ago. She was a close friend of mine, we'd been there for each other during some fairly rough shit during the time prior (I was depressed, she was going through health problems, I was her shoulder, she was a light in the dark). She was on the rocks with her partner, I'd split with mine, she'd suggested we could hook up. I was tempted but I made the decision that it wouldn't be right with me torn apart from a breakup and her still technically involved with someone, it all just screamed a bad idea we'd regret., so I had to turn her down.

Of course, as time passed I realised yeah I was actually in love with her. But with chaos in our lives, there was never a time to revisit that and we kinda grew apart over the years.

We still talk now and then, but we're not in each other's lives as such. I get the impression that ship's sailed and we'll never be like that again. Sometimes I wish it could have been otherwise, but at the same time dwelling on it accomplishes nothing - just gotta move forward with your life I guess.

In terms of partners you broke up with, I have absolutely no doubts and second guesses as to those. If anything, time has only proven me more right - I found out recently an ex of mine is starting a family, and that's just not the destiny ahead of me. I've still got a lifetime of walking the earth ahead of me 😄

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