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Friday 13th.

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Not normally an issue for me, that is until this morning. If only I'd attempted to use my wipers before leaving home I would still have no issue with Friday 13th.

But there ya go. Conscientious little irriot I be, I thought I'd just get a move on to work and worry about my dirty windscreen at lunch time.

After a twenty-ish minute drive into my place of work, I'm walking up the driveway reaching for my key purse only to discover empty space. My heart is beating fucking furiously.

I've no idea where my trusty key purse is. And the nearest available set of keys is over an hour down the road. The place I work in carries much monetary worth and I'm at a total

loss as to where my frigging keys are.In eighteen years, this is a first. I'm pretty fucking anal about keys and their where-abouts.


It all worked out when I managed to get hold of Walt. He told me was looking at my key pouch on the table in front of him ... also I'd left my phone on charge at my place of work

last night too. If I'd tried my wipers before leaving home I would have discovered I needed to put water and cleaner in . I'd need to re-enter my home with a key ...

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Ha - mini heart attack. But I'm glad it worked out.


The last time I had these was when I used to do my "rounds" around the university carrying this giant fuck-off set of prison keys that opened everything. At least half a dozen times I left them in a random lab while fixing a computer.


Luckily I found them again every single time, or else one of my colleagues did.


P.S. This has been a good Fridat the 13th. Our previous au pair turns 19 today and she's on holiday in France. I spent an hour trying to get the girls to sing happy birthday while I recorded, but they never could remember how many lines are in the song...

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So the key purse is to open the workplace up?


The windscreen fluid thing - I think it's bullshit. Wipers are to disperse the water, not intended as a cleaning mechanism.

When a local Repco opened up I bought a bottle of the cheap cleaner shit - I'm just about sure it's contributed to the deterioration of my blades.

The modern blades are sufficient to last over 10 years sometimes but these ones are prematurely stiff and make a scraping sound and leave annoying streaks (this started at under 2 years old). Probably chemically damaged from the additive.

And they weren't cheaparsed blades either - they're the complete replacement type that cost about 50% more than standard inserts.

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Every night I drive home in darkness. by about the third morning my windscreen is just a mass of dead things. Water alone just doesn't cut it. Need to add some stuff to really get the dead matter gone.

On arriving back home to claim my keys I added some " Bar's Bugs " to my water. It certainly did the trick.

I don't think anything is made to last like it once was Rybags, but yeah I dare say the chemical breaks down the wiper a bit quicker than expected.


My handy little zipper purse holds my three sets of keys. I'd taken the car key out and then distracted my self with the fruit bowl, and then picked up my bag and there I went.

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