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Best PC Games to use with a controller

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Xbox One controller that I was using with the PC died recently, so found an excuse to upgrade to this. 

The Hyperkin Duke, a remake of the OG Xbox controller. https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/hyperkin-xbox-one-duke-wired-controller-xbox-one/26846265

Loving the larger size (though admittedly, the bumpers are a little hard to get used to) and am feeling the need to find/play some more games with my sexy new controller. 

Any ideas? doesn't have to be recent, just fun and excellent with a controller. Genre is not an issue either, FPS, Beat em up, Platformer etc. I don't care, I just want more reasons to fondle my baby! 



*EDIT* How do the video attachments on forum work? Expected it to be embedded, which is how it showed in the preview.  Edited by NukeJockey

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Tomb raider.

Dying light. 

Castle crashers. 


All great games. Dying light (and expansion) are probably my favorites due to the co-op. 

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Thanks for the reply Chaos, I need to get rise of the tomb raider, finished the first one and don't really feel like going back. Dying Light I have put literally hundreds of hours into on console and the PC, definitely plays well with a controller, but it is objectively better with mouse and keyboard. Castle Crashers is also something that I smashed out on the 360 back in the day, if I can find it cheap on PC I may pick it up. 

I've been looking through the steam store using tags to do with controllers etc. and unfortunately am finding very little. I bought Yakuza 0 recently, which is excellent with the controller, wouldn't mind some more beat em up games of that style. 

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ooh, so many!  ive been using an xbox360 controller on PC since forever.











and lots more i cant think of, some more famous as console games, and many other smaller PC games that work well with key controls re-mapped. 

i mention Dying Light: The Following because, although i am in the camp that there is no justification, ever ?, for playing an FPS with a console controller, switching to controller for driving the buggy around is perfect — that game is easily THE best fun i have ever had playing Co-op.

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