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Help. I think my VGA is dead. It's a GTX 670. Was playing fallout 4 when the screen got a bit pixelated and whole PC crashed. When I boot, after win7 logo, screen would not display (but is still connected). I can boot into safe mode.

I've tried:
-reinstall drivers (couldn't detect VGA)
-reinstall VGA. Successful did clean install.
-can now boot without safe mode, but it's using a base VGA driver. Can't open nividia control panel and dxdiag does not detect my card.
-tried installing in second pcie slot. Boots using generic driver and NVIDIA driver installer can't detect my vga

Not sure if it's related, but when booting on generic driver, when I change res to 1080 on my 1080 monitor, there is thick bezels around the viewing portion of the screen

Is this game over... The card only had to last a few more months for the 11 series

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Possibly you could try these:

1.  Uninstall nvidia display drivers.  Use driver sweeper:  https://www.guru3d.com/content-page/guru3d-driver-sweeper.html  then reinstall drivers. 

2.  If you have extra ports on the back of the card, try another port like another vga/dvi/hdmi.

3.  Try using a different cable.  Probably not this but I had a dp cable go out...  I really dont know how a freaking cable can go out it's so strange but happened to me.   Maybe even try to hook up to another monitor, highly doubt that will work though.

4.  Go into devmgr.  See if it list the card.  Click start<(type)devmgr<Display Adapters< (see if it lists your card)

With everything getting pixlated. It really sounds like hardware related, the vram is probably having issues.  If you install msi afterburner, you can try to downclock the ram and/or core.   With msi afterburner up, you can monitor temps too, possibly it is overheating.  So close to the new release if you can get it to limp along till then ?

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Thanks... but no luck. I think its just dead...

It will only allow use of generic drivers. while device manager does detect the model of the card, dxdiag picks up nothing.

I saw a GTX 780 for ~$90 refurbished that I think will keep me going for a while... or at least until Fallout 76 comes out


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Thanks. No luck.

Ive ordered some dodgy looking GTX 780 for $90 that has the wrong RAM. hopefully it works well enough to get me through to the end of the year and ill buy an 11 series.

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