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I had a dream !

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I did. Just a short time ago, like maybe an hour or so

There were lots of people and I was amongst them. We seemed to be travelling but in a haphazard kind of way, with it seemed, no clear destination. The area was rural with broad open spaces.

The general feeling in this dream was one of a wait-and-see-where-we-go sort of thing. I recall wondering why I was alone ( not with Walt ), but no answer for it.

A lovely morning big clear skies, but most of the people were staring eyes upward. This super enormous totally white plane appeared ( a lack of big engine noise, thankfully, cos I could not have stood that ? ) and it didn't require a long
landing strip. It just looked for an open space and carefully dropped down onto it . That wasn't all ... I turned my head in the direction of another speck of white appearing. This time as the speck got closer it revealed itself to be at least a three-level
A-frame building with glass sides. The levels were filled with people dressed in white. This too found a clearing close by and 'landed'.

The people disembarked and proceeded to hand out towels ... I kid you not. Some were black some were white, and some were striped black, white, and gold.

My alarm went off, and here I amm

Edited by eveln
The people dressed in white as in A-line dresses and caps for the women and pants and short-sleeve shirts for the men ... not space suits. Just thought I should clarify that.

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...I'm trying to decide whether you it's Scientology's DC-3s of Xenu, or the Raelians coming to make sure you're prepared for galactic hitch-hiking.

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Yep. The alarm interrupted things ... maybe that's what the plane was for, to take us and our towels off somewhere... maybe it's just my overwhelming desire to live in a place that has a governing body that's actually about really and truly
looking after the place they are governing ?

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