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Hey guys - my old computer is still plugging along from like 2010 (value), threw in some new RAM and an SSD drive about 2 years ago. 

But she started slowing down again and I think it might soon be time to let her go (I just use it for work etc these days). Anyway what parts are salvageable (if any?) - Could I get away with just getting a new MOBO, GPU, CPU and ram and keeping the SSD, PSU, HD and case? 

Cheers (= 

CPU: i5- 750

GPU: Powercolor 5770

Mobo: GBP55A-UDR

PSU: seasonic PSR550

HD: 500 GB

CASE: PK - 56

RAM: G-skill 1600 trident



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The SSD and HD and case should be usable to the new build. Get a new PSU, as 7 year old PSU is probably nearing the end of it's life.

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PC don't start slowing down unless there full of dust and overheating in which case you clean it.

If they start fee;ling sluggish its due to software usually viral activity and a heap of bloat in the background maybe a failed windows update creating high CPU usage in which case reinstalling windows is the easiest fix.

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