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Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

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> i said my daughter was never bullied at that school ever again and actually what I didn't mention was that bullying dropped to zero at the school overall.


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10 hours ago, Master_Scythe said:

Only if it's repeated.


I don't think it reoccurred. It sounds more like a fight; a on sided fight possibly, but a fight none the less.

[ disclaimer: you really don't need to put up reasoning for chrisg's actions . Over the years I've discovered he's more than capable of writing his own script...  I do empathise with your strong feelings about this topic just the same ]

It doesn't need to be repeated for the damage to be done, imo, and surely, from your own history you must have felt that being on the receiving end once was more than you cared for.

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