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Time for upgrade soon

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Hi, long time!

I've got my current system which is

i7 3770K
Asus ROG V Gene Z77
2x8g Gskill Trident X 2133MHz RAM
Seasonic Plat 660W psu
Noctua D14 HSF
few Sammy 850evo ssds

all driving my Dell 2408WFP IPS 1200P 24" monitor.

aaaaand a GTX480, my GTX780 died a few months ago

What I'm kinda looking to do is upgrade to a 1440P 27" 100+hz system and keep my PSU/SSDs/case/D14 cooler perhaps.

I don't know shit about intel's Z370 or DDR4 ram though and I kind of think I should go for 8700K/8086K or it's not really worth the jump from 3770K.
I've considered perhaps keeping everything and grabbing a 1080TI and 1440P monitor, which would be much cheaper, but not very future proof, also I cannot run any modern SSD on this Z77 Gene V board, the only pcie4x slot has my Audio card in it.

If I upgrade mobo/cpu/ram, I have an idea to keep the old stuff for a PC to build for my GF, so it would be used if I go all out.

Thoughts? I don't know if a 3770K w/ 16Gb RAM would be futureproofed enough if I just grab a fat GPU for it and a strong monitor to drive.

Cheers, Morg.

Edit: I should add in, I also have another X58 PC with i7 920, 6g ram, psu, no HDD or GPU, so if I go the way of keeping my build, I could chuck a GPU in that pc, use my 1200p monitor with it as the GF pc.

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What do you want to dooooo with it?

I looked at replacing my mobo/cpu/ram to be able to use an nvme SSD.  It was a lot of cost for not much gain.  My 4790 is not exactly current at this point, but it still does the job. 

New video and monitor as a temporary measure might let you see if it'll be worth it,before going all out and donating stuff to your gf tho'.

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I want to game in 1440p at 100+hz without any hiccups.

I would need a new GPU before I can even pretend to drive anything too.

Also forum says I now have like 1/4 of the posts I had before, rippp

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Did some tests when I upgraded from 3770k to 6700k which has exactly the same IPC as 8700k but two less cores and doesn't OC as far.



As you can see for some games the 3770k will struggle to maintain the high FPS your chasing but for other games it will do fine.


AMD Ryzen 2600 and i5 8600k would be the sweat spots at the moment for value.

Once overclocked the 8600k is noticeably quicker in CPU bound games but AMD is competitive again.

Intel has a 8 core chip on the way if you really want to pay a premium for something that will hold up like the Q6600 did.


For overclockable RAM you want sticks with Samsung B die chips these start at 3200c14 which is what I'm using which hit 4000c17 but there is higher binned sticks like 3600c15 if you really want to push it.


You know i use to be a guru I think i may have lost about 10k from my post count aswell.


Oh and Nvidia has new GPU on the way but with no competition from AMD there 2080TI will probably cost ~2k AU or you can get ex mining 1080ti for ~!$700 on OCAU at the moment which is rather tempting.

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The other 3/4 are still in the archives, known issue ?

What kiiiiiind of gaming?  Is a hiccup anything less than 100 fps, or anything below 60?

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Okay so assuming I grab a 16gb kit of 3200c14 or something, for samsung B-die, What's the go-to z370 mobo for balance of price/overclocking/features? Asrock extreme?

So which kits between these would be the go

G.Skill Trident Z RGB F4-3200C14D-16GTZR 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 $369

G.Skill Flare-X F4-3200C14D-16GFX 16GB (2x8GB) Ryzen DDR4 $349

These two are same prices between PCCG and Scorptec, both seem to definitely be B-Die

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I believe that specific set of Flare are to play nice with Ryzen cpu's, which probably have an XMP profile too I would think.  The other has RGB tho ?     

The 1080 Ti is temping many right now for the low prices... The 2080 non ti might match its performance but those reviews should be out within a week.  1080 Ti might be the way to go to save a bit and get nearly the same performance of the 2080 non Ti if shows up that way as some of the leaks show.  

Also, Intel might be releasing its new chips here soon too "9700k" (solder tim/ihs).  But the 8086k is probably not worth the extra over the 8700k as both should OC the same.  AMD 2700x might be something to consider or the 2600x and non x, all of which might go a bit lower if Intel releases something here soon.   Usually, the MB are cheaper too on AMD side. 

Or, you could buy the monitor and card now (or wait just a tiny bit longer for reviews on the RTX2000 series) and see if that does it for you.  Im running 1440p and with everything on ultra in BFV demo I was between 80-110 fps usually but my card is OC some but the cpu (2600x, 6 core) is running stock.  

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