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Israel did it.

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11 hours ago, Kothos said:











Is that enough?


I don't believe Netanyahu is an anti-Semite, although it's debatable whether he gives a shit about anyone other than himself, but there's a limit to pragmatism and political expediency.  He's entirely given up any sort of moral effort to keep Jews safe, and is aligning himself with whomever happens to be powerful at any given time.  Since the far right crazies are on the ascent now, he's entirely up their arses.

This is the kind of thing that will backfire.  If the far right manages to actually begin running countries, it won't be long before their hatred turns on Israel, and if they don't, he's harmed relationships with centrists or the left.

To recap, Netanyahu sucks up to Trump, who is an anti-Semite, or behaves that way, being entirely soft on neoNazis in the US; he sucks up to Austrian neo-Nazis, Hungarian neo-Nazis, Italian neo-Nazis, Philippine neo-Nazis, Polish neo-Nazis, and so on - many of whom are the leaders in their countries.


chrisg you're telling me you've had your head in the sand and have noticed none of this?


So I’ve read all your links excel Haaretz and Al Jazeera because I don’t read unhinged hate sites.


I’m only going to state that there is some weird unreasonable reason that people hold Israel to account for a lack of moral purity. And Netanyahu cops it the most. Lets just put it into context. Every time he speaks to an arab leader, he speaks to an anti-Semite, neo-Nazi. To establish a Palestinian State, the world wants him to give indigenous jewish lands to a fascist Islamo-kleptocrat for the establishment of another anti-Semitic, proto-Nazi State.


If Netanyahu were to speak to only the morally pure among leaders, he’d be talking to no-one.


The reality is Israel has always had to talk to anti-semites, and always will. The Mid-Century Zionists even talked to the Nazis (Haavara Agreement).


If you expect of Israel and its leader to only talk to the morally pure, while everyone else talks to everyone else - well, there might be a word for that?

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