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Dual Rank RAM performance lets see if its worth it.

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Curiosity got the better of me when newegg sent me a $30  discount ontop of there black Friday sale and so I have picked up a second kit of Samsung b die (3200c14 Flare X $244)

4 single rank kits should provide the same performance benefits as a 2x16GB dual rank kit but with a good MB 4x8GB can hit higher clock speeds.


I was also tempted to play with a ITX 2600 system but wised up in time as all in all it would have cost as much as a RTX 2080 or a G-Sync monitor which would help my gaming rig much more than anything else.


Back on topic so when the new kit arrives I will be running a bunch of detailed tests to see what effect it has since nobody else out there has done a good job of it yet as far as I can see.


Toms hardware had a crack but its a bit short on details like what sub timings each kit had


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Here is another of there reviews where there running 4 sticks vs two sticks



If somebody here has a standard 3200c16 or 3000c15 kit that could take a screenshot with ASRock Timing Configurator ver:4.0.3

https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z170 OC Formula/index.us.asp#Download

Then I could run a test at that speed with correct sub timings for comparison.

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For any 2x8gb kits basically anything that calculates out to over 210 when you divide the frequency by the cas is probably b die as other chips just cant reach that speed reliably.

With 2x16gb kits b die is more common at lower speeds.

Although there may be some 3466 c16 kits that are d die or something.

I believe anything 220+ is definitely b die and 240+ is a high bin of b die


I don't follow any lists but google brings up a bunch that may show some lower binned kits.

Trouble with lists is the likes of Corsair releases several revisions of the same model RAM each with a different model chip.

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Probably wont be here till Monday now at which point I will be flying to Cairns so hopefully My pc will survive the  journey and I can finally play with the new toys.

I have been helping someone here who recently upgraded form a 2666 kit at 3200c17 to a 3200c14 kit only to find there CPU was slower.

Even overclocking to 3800c16 wasn't enough but after tweaking the sub timings they are now out in front but it's looking like a large part of the performance gap is due to the new kits being single rank.



It has arrived.

To my surprise not only did it post at my previous OC it ran timespy and the performance increase on my 6700k was 3.5% with 4 sticks vs two at 3733c16.


FF XIV benchmark is ~8% faster both in FPS and load times.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Benchmark

4x8GB 3733c16
Score: 23873 =8.1%
Average Frame Rate: 173.706 =7.9%
Total Loading Time    14.321 sec =7.8%

2x8GB 3733c16
Score: 22067
Average Frame Rate: 160.893
Total Loading Time    15.445 sec


Company of Heroes 2

4x8GB 3733c16
ms to load,22201 =6%
ms to play,45207
average fps,102.437035 =6.4%
minimum fps,63.936062 =5.7%
maximum fps,156.530411

2x8GB 3733c16
ms to load,23548
ms to play,45201
average fps,96.235649
minimum fps,60.455894
maximum fps,140.578262


Still to come

Xcom 2
Farcry 5
F1 2018
Forza 4
Ghost Recon
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Arma III
Kingdom Come Deliverance

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