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Defyant's Light Blade "It's still cool to air cool"

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Hey all, tis been a while since i posted  in the atomic forums.  Thought i'd get a worklog going here for my latest project.  Defyant's Light Blade.

This is going to be a complete scratch built from acrylic (plex) case specific to show off Corsairs LL140/120 fans and  RGB Lighting kits

The mod was inspired  by a recent mod done by InsolentGnome and his amazing G-frame case mod. And it's purpose will be to be one of 2 same units to become bookends to the tripple monitor set up in my current workshed.

As the title says this case will be Air Cooled i took this as more of a challenge over running an AIO... altho i did start this mod wanting to install my custom white painted Corsair AIO i decided that a modded air cooler usingLL- 120mm fans was a "Cooler" option.

For the sake of not making this thread too long i have condensed this work as much as possible will trying to keep the most informative parts.

The case will be made solely from white and diffused acrylic.


The workshop.... Still a work in progress but will look alot nice with sexier bookends! 




The inner housing is a simple box type build  from diffused. The cut outs are all done by hand using a router tool. No laser cutting at all on this case.


A simple rear air duct is made for the exhaust.


9 outer blades rings are cut and profiled by router to be exact copies.



The blades can be cut and hard glued using weldon to the housing.  A couple of 140 Corsair LL's can be sat in for a look as well.
As you can see the diffused Acrylic matches the LL140 blades perfect.


The internals of the case are made in 2 sections a PSU cover and a Front fan housing.

The PSU cover is designed to have a RGB feature and have a air dam to help direct air from the 140mm LL fans to the CPU cooler.

A home made DIY plex bender is used to get clean accurate bends.





This air dam will direct air where it is needed most


With the diffused inserts added and one of Corsairs LED strips behind

You can see the instant effect.


With the PSU cover done the Brackets can be made for the mITX Mother board.

These are made from 12mm solid clear plex.... The clear is opted for as it wont interfere with the light.


The 2 new mounts are weldon glued into place.


Next the Front fan housing can be built.


Again the cutouts are filled with diffused plex


The PSU housing is cut to fit around the mother board


And both units can be installed for a test with the RGB strips.



The next thing was to add the external cosmetics

For now just the 2 bolt on/addons are installed... Both these are cosmetic and can be added or removed as desired.

The first is a rear wing and the second a rear bottom air dam...

The a Air dam is used to balance the look of the wing and give the case a Stance . A custom one off press jig was made to shape the dam.





The new wing and dam are temp glued into place



Stay tuned MTC soon 🙂



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A bit more work and for now pretty much done 🙂   i have to move onto a couple of other mods  while i loose this one for a couple of days.



Next  is to finish off the hardware for the corsair gear..  


1 x node pro does all the work for now with a fan hub.




Cable Mod Pro cables for little cable management was needed.





A custom Grill was added for the rear





And some turbine spinners added to hide the corsair stickers




The windows are added using a magnetic catch system








And the light show! as that is what this case was built to do!


The choices and setups are limitless thanks to the iCue software.




















Final rest place in the workshop










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A few fun  vids  during the different build stages .. Pretty much just playing around with different effects of the iCue software.


i'll add more final vids over the next few days.


Caution warning...   the next few vids may offend !






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Cheers m8 tyvm 🙂


Still a few things left to do,  Playing around with the Audio integration with Corsair icue and wallpaper engine.

Some of the effects to music are amazing.






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9 hours ago, SceptreCore said:

You should be very proud mate that is an awesome looking bit of kit! The next step would be some dust filtration and some front panel I/O hey?

Cheers tyvm 🙂  no i/o for this one,  i have a small hub that pops out the front  between the blades.. it sits up to high in the workshop to get access .

8 hours ago, Rybags said:

Pretty impressive build - I'll have to watch the videos later when I get some time.

Cheers tyvm 🙂   i'll post some better ones up soon !!  i'm still tweaking the audio and adding better features for  the  front lighting 🙂

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Redesigned the side blades a little.  I think they sync better now with the front lights....


Added a large base panel ( protection for the lower blades for an upcoming event)  Changed the back a bit, to try ans stream line the look.


Bit of a piccy flood inc....    Every single LED is addressable thru the iCue software... making the effects on this mod near limitless.


Nothing custom below just preset running effects.


IMG_20181214_154604-M.jpg  IMG_20181214_154619-M.jpg
















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