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It's been nearly a decade... possible to have my old account back?

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Hi Atomicans, I'm back! Long story short:

  • I (re-)signed up to the forums in 2008 after a break (I originally signed up around 2002) as "DF MB2". Left the forums while I pursued a career in moving pictures.
  • Wanted to reconnect with the forums after coming back into tech and finding out the PC & Tech Authority, PCPP and Atomic MPC websites disappeared.
  • Had tried to change password but realised that the email the account is registered to is an old unused address that I have also forgotten the password.

If there's a way I can continue to use that old account (e.g. staff contact)... then great! It seems that the forums look a bit different the last time I lurked through and I remember posting more than 3 times (how many iterations of the forums have there been?)

Thanks a bunch!

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Hopefully you can see this, if not the PM.  I've merged your accounts, you should be able to request a new pw now.

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