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App 'Designer'?

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Hey all,

Curious, is there an easy to use drag and drop style (sorta like Delphi used to be) app designer out there?
I have 2 killer apps in mind, and I wanted to get a prototype app working, without the server side, before I go looking for an actual app developer\host.

In fact.... does anyone have any advice on this?
Companies to trust.
What sort of documentation I should have before telling anyone my ideas (so they're not stolen).
What sort of costs I'd be expecting for something where people can buy something, and have the previous owner get alerted?

Clearly I need to speak to someone, I really fell behind in the 'app world'. But to whom?
I'm not beyond learning a little coding to build my own UI if there is a WYSIWYG designer. But I certainly need back end help.

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