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Nvidia G-Sync on FreeSync Monitors - Jan 15th

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Here is a list of monitors tested and there potential problems.

Freesync/VRR Compatibility with Nvidia Megalist



And the CF791 monitor I just purchased...


Brightness Flickering in 100Hz while G-Sync enabled.
Blackscreen in 100Hz while G-Sync enabled, sometimes it doesn't but its full of tearing and stutter.


It doesn't always happen but when it does it soon makes me feel sick.

Seems to only happen in some games and not others and so far it is only in games that don't need FreeSync like CIV VI and slay the spire.

In CIV VI it is worst on menu screens with the entire screen strobing between black and the correct image.


This monitor also has a problem on any GPU when between 47 and 57FPS where the same flickers will occur in any game this is something I knew purchasing this monitor and was something I felt I could live with Since I like to keep frames higher than that anyway but having it pop up in random games kinda sucks.



Best FreeSync and 'G-Sync compatible' monitors for Nvidia graphics cards

Our pick of the best adaptive sync screens, covering a range of sizes and resolutions.



Best ultra-wide FreeSync monitor: Samsung LC34J791


3440x1440 ● 100Hz ● 48-100Hz VRR range ● HDMI VRR Xbox One support
Buy from Amazon.co.uk for £721 ● Buy from Amazon.com for $799

This Samsung VA-panel monitor boasts excellent contrast, flawless 48-100Hz FreeSync support on Nvidia graphics cards and very low input lag of 6ms. That's a big improvement over the 23ms of input lag reported on its predecessor, the CF791, which also exhibited flickering with Nvidia graphics cards. The 3440 x 1440 resolution is impressive too, with enough detail to justify the 34-inch span but not enough to require an incredibly high-end PC. Finally, the C34J791 also includes Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, so you can connect a laptop to the monitor while charging it with a single cable. All in all, a convincing modern ultra-wide, and one of the few we've seen to play nicely with Nvidia graphics cards.

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I tried it out with my freesync monitor / nvidia card, and it flickers in menus and in game on the white areas.  It was driving me crazy and I've turned it off.  

You might be able to OC the monotor and adjust the range so you have a better experience on low fps scenes.   Maybe you can change the ms response from high to med or low. Not sure if you have that option but mine has Overdrive for lower response and support told me to try a lower setting with Freesync enabled.  Also read somewhere that lowering from 8bit has helped some. 

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