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Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

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1 hour ago, Jeruselem said:

I see AD's method uses salt to effectively dry out the pork belly. I guess that's an ages old method of drying out anything.

Pretty much Jerusalem.  Most cured pork products contain salts in some form - it goes rancid way too quickly if it doesn't dry properly or evenly and you risk botulism... hence why it must be done correctly and follow the recipe to the T.

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It's just a damn shame I don't live closer to you or vice versa Devere.  I love my charcuterie and have troubles finding people to team up with.  Often doing charcuterie is a team game.  Even if it's just for sanity.  


Ah well.  I'll find someone that can eat it and enjoy making it (Wife can't eat it unfortunately.  Well the bacon she can.  But the other stuff sets of a medical condition. Blah)



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